Can I set a forward proxy through the boundary desktop

By understanding the working principle of boundary, I can’t configure the forward proxy in the boundary desktop. Is that right?

Do you mean a proxy for the desktop to use to connect to the API server, or you want to configure how the proxy through the worker to the target is set up?

Set up proxy to connect to API server :wink:

The desktop app supports using --proxy-server=[proxy URL] to connect to the API server per the Electron documentation. Note that you have to use the = form of the flag; --proxy-server [proxy URL] with a space instead of = did not work when I was testing.

The Boundary CLI appears to support the lowercase forms of the usual *_proxy variables for connecting to the API server (which is to say, I started a boundary dev instance on my Linux host, then in another shell on that host I authenticated and set http_proxy to a local proxy URL and saw boundary connect try to connect to the API server through that proxy; setting HTTP_PROXY had no effect).

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