Fresh brew client install: missing translation for locale "en-us"

Freshly installed desktop client on os x 10.15.7 via homebrew.


  1. brew tap hashicorp/tap && brew install hashicorp/tap/boundary
  2. brew install hashicorp-boundary-desktop
  3. boundary dev
  4. open Boundary application
  5. provide localhost endpoint to application
  6. error displayed on following screen


I replaced the brew installed version of the desktop client with a copy via direct download and noticed that the app A.) automatically used http://localhost:9200 as the endpoint and B.) didn’t have any en-us locale/translation issues.

Possible reason: Boundry Desktop Client in the Homebrew tap is still 1.0.0-beta.

Bam. That makes sense. :slight_smile:

Thanks @fhemberger

Filed a PR, this should hopefully get fixed soon. :grinning:

Update: PR is merged, Boundry Desktop is up to date in tap.