Github organisation renamed from LeaseWeb to Leaseweb


In April this year we successfully published v2.0.0 of our provider to the terraform registry

In June this year we renamed our Github organisation from LeaseWeb to Leaseweb (notice the lower case w).

Now in July we are trying to push v3.0.0 of our provider:

Publishing the new version works, as you can see, but we get the following error when running terraform init

│ Error: Failed to install provider
│ Error while installing leaseweb/leaseweb v0.3.0: checksum list has no SHA-256 hash for
│ ""

Upon further inspection we notice that the following difference, compare:


We notice that the json output of v2.0.0 contains

"filename": ""

And the same property of the v3.0.0 output contains:


We think this is the cause of the terraform init issue.

Now our question is if this issue is caused by us renaming the organisation on github.

Thanks for the help.

You might get lucky, but this is primarily a community discussion forum. For things which require an actual HashiCorp employee to be able to help, you’re probably better off with the actual support site:

@maxb thanks for the help. I have asked my question also to Hashicorp support.

Once the issue is solved I will update this forum post too, as it might help others in the future.

Hashicorp confirmed that the rename of our Github organisation (from LeaseWeb to Leaseweb) was the root cause of our issue with the Public Registry.

They have made a change so that in the future changing capitalisation changes in organisation names no longer affects publishing new versions.

If you think you are affected by the same issue, I recommend reaching out to , they respond pretty fast!

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