How to run build on runners

Hello All,
I want to run build on runners and not on controller. my project are stored in /opt/waypoint/ on controller.

As far as I understand you need to:

  • deploy runner
  • create a runner profile for that runner target
  • update you waypoint hcl to use runner and that profile

and you probably should do it with git data source

Hello I have already runner installed, It’s working using -remote tag.
Waypoint server and waypoint runner are job running on nomad cluster ( don’t ask why they installed it like that I don’t have more info :smiley:

I have new error but I dont’ know if is a beug from waypoint.

I launched succefully my deployment from controller but now when I duplicate exact same project and I change the name of project in waypoint.hcl for myproject-test it’s doesn’t work even when project is created previously via Waypoint UI.
I have this error when I use waypoint deploy

! No application named “myproject-test” is available, or application
** has no successful operations**

Any idea ?

Wild guessing - did you copy the waypoint.hcl to another directory ? Did you run waypoint init ?

As I understand it, the application name is specific to one of the applications that is part of a multi-application project. If the project does not have multiple applications, there is no need to specify an application name. I could be wrong though, I am still becoming familiar with the nuances of Waypoint also.