How to show all warnings?

Terraform 1.5.3 is showing a warning that I don’t intent to fix because it’s a 3rd-party module that I have no control over.

However, it’s saying (and 3 more similar warnings elsewhere).

What are these similar warnings?

Are they from the 3rd-party module so I can ignore them?

Or are they for the same resource?

Or are they totally unrelated warnings?

Hi @gtirloni,

The definition of “similar” for this is that they have the same summary, which is the line of text that appears after the word “Warning:” in the diagnostic messages.

In principle you might have multiple modules in your configuration that all raise warnings with the same summary, but in practice that’s uncommon because module authors typically aim to fix warnings in their modules. (If this module doesn’t have warnings fixed then that might suggest that it was written for an older version of Terraform and is no longer actively maintained, and so it might be best to seek another module that’s been updated for the version of Terraform you are using.)