Individual Parent modules to read from single variables file outside of directory?


I’m working on a project where terraform doesn’t provision everything.

For example, VPCs will be created and provisioned by a separate team than databases team does (least privilege principle)

The solution the team came up with was to create a separate module with separate tfstate files.

  • Networking Parent-module (, → team-1 provision this
  • Database Parent-modules (, → team-2 provision this
  • Compute Parent-modules (, → team-3 provision this

Currently, (for example) in, I keep repeating this in every parent module.

provider "aws" {
  region = "us-east-1"

Now I’m looking for ways to make it better. Like, provide a single file with all the variables defined there, outside the parent modules. But I don’t know how to structure/reference it. I know variables won’t work because I need to define value rather than address it somewhere else. Local is a possibility, but how do I tell locals to go somewhere and pull those values.

Also, if you have any solution to this issue, please share it with me.