MacOS (Monterey) - Not able to see (access) mapped folders under /vagrant

Now running Vagrant 2.3.6 with virtualbox 7.0.8 on an x86 Macbook Pro with Monterey 12.6.6

when I ‘vagrant up’ and then ‘vagrant ssh’ everything seems okay, but the /vagrant mapping is an empty folder. I see the mapping in the startup logs and it should be mapped correctly, so I think it might be a permissions problem? (because not only am I not able to see what should be there, but I also cannot create any files there, via “touch xyz.txt”, for example.)

Also, versions of vagrant and virtualbox have been installed since ~2017, but this problem surfaced in the last 4 months, probably first via upgrades to MacOS; I pursued solutions by upgrading virtualbox and vagrant to no success.


I did an uninstall of vagrant, followed by an install of vagrant, and everything seems fine, now.