Migration from Istio to Consul open source service Mesh

We are thinking to migrate our existing Istio SM implementation to Consul SM in AKS. Have anyone gone through such cycle? Any tips?

Is it correct to say -

Istio Ingress Controller is equivalent to Consul API gateway…
Istio Virtual Service is equivalent to Httproute…

Please advise.

Hi @mdaslamansari,

Aside from the difference in configuration syntax, currently one of the major differences between the Consul ingress gateway and the API gateway is that the latter supports configuring externally provided CA certs on the gateway’s public listener(s). If you require that feature, I recommend using the API gateway.

Based on my limited understanding of these two resources, I believe they are mostly equivalent.

Consul also provides a service router configuration entry that can be used for controlling routing of HTTP traffic for both east-west and north-south flows. This entry–as well as the other config entries–support a functionality similar to virtual services wherein a service router can be created for a non-existent service which then subsequently forwards to one or more real services. See https://www.consul.io/docs/connect/config-entries/ingress-gateway#http-listener-with-path-based-routing for more info.