Multiple port mappings in aws-ecs

I’m running an opentelemetry collector as a sidecar in one of my tasks. It can listen on multiple ports, but I only have the option to specify one container_port and one host_port. Looking at the sidecar code in the aws-ecs plugin, it looks like it would accept an array of {container_port, host_port} pairs, but I have no idea how to specify that. Is this even possible currently?

Hey @kris ,
You are totally correct that the ecs plugin is able to accept a list of port mappings and that today it is only possible to pass through a single port mapping. I’ve went ahead and opened up a PR for allowing users to specify multiple ports on a sidecar container you can follow here: plugin/ecs: Allow multiple port to be mapped in sidecars by demophoon · Pull Request #4530 · hashicorp/waypoint · GitHub