"Partial View" in Topology view: what permissions am I missing?

We just upgraded to Nomad 1.0.1 and checked out the topology view. Looks great, but on the “Legend” box there’s a badge saying “Partial View” and the mouseover tooltip is “Your ACL token may limit your ability to list all allocations”.

We don’t get this message when using a management token, but we do with every other token we’ve tried, including a token that has ‘policy = “write”’ on most endpoints. Just curious what’s triggering this message and if we’re actually potentially missing something or if it’s just triggering if we aren’t using a management token.

The warning badge is defined in ui/app/templates/topology.hbs with the line {{#if (cannot "list all jobs")}}, but I can’t tell how that gets evaluated.

Thanks for any insight!