Session Management Questions


  1. When are old session logs deleted?
    It’s been over a month and it’s still holding up.
    Where can I control this?
    I made the following settings:
    auth_token_time_to_live = “24h”
    auth_token_time_to_stale = “30m”

  1. Targets in active state have already been terminated but are still active and will be recreated even if canceled.

  2. Can admin see all sessions and cancel inappropriate sessions?


Hi there. We are working on improving the sessions list view in a way that enables you to filter out irrelevant or old sessions.

Yes, admins can view sessions, though differently than end users. In admin UI, navigate to your desired Project, then Sessions. From here, administrators with prop authorisation may cancel sessions.

Which version of Boundary are you running?

Hi @randallmorey

Do I have to select a project?
I have created more than 20 projects, so it would be nice to see them all in one place.
and I am using 0.6.1.


Good feedback! Thank you. You’re right that having to navigate through scopes first to find sessions is cumbersome. We’ll look into improving this.

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Hi @randallmorey, wanted to add a bit more context to this as I think I’m finding a somewhat similar issue…

When going through the UI (either browser or desktop app), I see sessions that are showing as a “pending” state - even though they already show terminated with a CLI query (either sessions list or read).

Furthermore, if I try to cancel one of these sessions on the UI, it just refreshes and comes back again… is there a bug in the UI that is interpreting the session state wrong and thus cant identify that the sessions are already gone?

Can you post a screenshot of the UI and post the output of the CLI for the conflicting sessions?

Hi Guys,
It looks like this.

I am also having this issue. I cant seem to find any log anywhere. I have checked firewall permissions as well.

Hi @Moses what version of Boundary CLI and what version of Boundary Desktop are you using?

Boundary CLI 0.9.0
Boundary Desktop 13.6.7