This is me being me :)

Actually the title is a lie…
This is the polar opposite of me being me.
I am usually a lurker, I find pride in being able to find the answers without asking the questions, it’s probably what drove my passion for technology.

I am going to do the exact opposite and I am probably going to overshare and give you a lot of useless information that is of no value, so I apologise in advance and you are free to scroll on :slight_smile:

Without too much information, neurodiversity is a struggle, those that know, know, those that don’t can ask, but those that don’t want to know shouldn’t have to read it… I have had to make my own path over the years re: career and the only path is managing my own small business.

I have been a managed service provider for near to a decade and I tend to handpick my clients, the thing that has held me back in the past has been my lack of faith in the platforms available, I am not a software developer but I care about FoSS and have tried to keep up to date but became set in my ways. This year I could see things were changing and I decided enough was enough.

I am looking at setting up a platform for continuous delivery/deployment and have dived in the deep end this is how I learn.

I feel like the universe was waiting for this moment because Hashicorp has had all of the answers I need so far… Every problem I have had, I have made sure I have understood how to set things up manually, then find a solution to automate the process and each time my research has led me to a Hashicorp product, it literally feels like you are watching over me :slight_smile: forget the bible…

Your philosophy feels closely aligned to mine, your software is free to use and your enterprise features really are that.

As I say I am not a developer, but I can do basic coding/scripting, I am more of a sysadmin, I do aim to setup a platform using your tools and I really hope that one day I am big enough to need to pay you a lot of money :slight_smile:

What I do aim to do as one of my practice projects though is a blog following my experiences with Hashicorp products and guides etc and will share the content here, I need to start being better at being a community member, I just don’t feel I don’t have a lot to offer other than my motivation and drive to make things work properly :slight_smile:
If anyone is interested in what I am doing or anyone has a project that they might need infrastructure for, I can either use my own existing infrastructure, brand new fresh bare metal, any existing cloud provider or potentially any custom solutions.

I am aiming to make a platform that makes it easy for my customers to develop, test and deploy highly optimised, scaleable code across a variety of platforms tailored for their target audience, I will be launching various products launched at markets based on their technical knowledge

I am definitely looking for people who have an interest in what I have to offer and I am open to networking and potential knowledge/skills/infrastructure sharing :slight_smile: