Upgrade path from 0.14.x to 0.15.x

I was wondering what is a proper (or a hacky) upgrade path from v0.14.x (corresponding to v1.7.x for Desktop UI) to v0.15.x or later (corresponding to v2.0.x or later for Desktop UI) ? This concerns the self-hosted OSS version of Boundary.

I can’t see a clear upgrade path. Moreover, v0.15.x does not mention the upgrade as BREAKING. The same goes for v2.0.x for Desktop UI

Generally speaking if there is nothing mentioned in the changelog as a breaking change to be aware of, you just shut down the controllers, run the boundary database migrate command, and start up.

Hi jeff,

Thank you for your answer. Boundary Desktop versions has moved to 2.x, so I thought there is a corresponding change in controller/worker versions. I also tried installing Boundary Desktop 2.x against v0.14 controller and saw the “unsupported Boundary controller version” screen.

By the way, do you have any idea for this thread ? Compatible Desktop versions with v0.16.x