Upgrade Terraform for Azure from 0.13.6 to 1.x - Looking for stable version

We are planning to upgrade Terraform from 0.13.6 to 1.x. Could someone assist with the stable version in 1.x ?
What could be the best strategy to upgrade?

Thanks in Advance,

Hi @scharan31,

The Terraform v1.0 Upgrade Guide contains our recommendations for how to upgrade from older versions of Terraform into the stable 1.x series.

The only change since we published that guide is that any place where the guide recommends upgrading to “the latest v1.0 release” you can typically just upgrade directly to the latest v1.3 patch release instead. v1.3 is the current minor release at the time I’m writing this.

There are some upgrade guides for the intervening releases which contain some information that may affect a small number of users. I’m linking to these so you can refer to them if you run into any problems once you reach the step of upgrading to Terraform v1.3, but you probably won’t need to worry about most of these:

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Thanks for sharing the information, it is very helpful.