Docker Driver Windows isolation mode

Hello all,

We are attempting to evaluate Nomad for some of our windows workloads that run in native docker process mode + hyper-v mode and I ran into a slight snag.

The mode that I’m referring to needs to run with the flag --isolation=hyperv

I don’t see anywhere in the Docs that allow us to specify the isolation mode when running a Windows container? For instance something like this:

docker run -d --isolation=hyperv

I tried to add the “isolation” to the config block but it fails, any ideas if this is possible?

job "testjob" {
  datacenters = ["east"]
  group "echo" {
    count = 1
    task "server" {
      driver = "docker"
      config {
        image = ""
      resources {
        network {
          port "http" {
            static = 8080

Any assistance would be appreciated! Thank you!

Hi @dky! We don’t currently support this flag (I don’t think it’s supported by the client library we’re using). Can you open a GitHub issue so we can get that as a feature request for our roadmap?

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