ECS waypoint up fails


I’m following the example to deploy on ECS but it fails on waypoint up:

! ValidationError: At least two subnets in two different Availability Zones must
be specified

I’m experiencing the same problem. Has anyone found a way around this?

Hi @kjf,

Did you specify subnets in your waypoint.hcl file? If not, then waypoint uses the default VPC’s subnets, which for you sounds like it was not setup (or was changed).

If you specify 2 subnet ARNs in the waypoint.hcl file, you should be able keep going.

Yes i tried different things with waypoint.hcl:

  • no options provided
  • Default vpc with two subnets
  • Created a vpc with two and then even 4 subnets

None worked.

Are the subnets in different AZs?

Is this ECS on Fargate or ECS on EC2?

Having the same problem with the example on the learning site here. Deploying to ECS.