Hashicorp Boundary WebUI Interface

Hi Team,
I am new to Boundary, want to implement in air gapped environment. what are the ways for end users to expose web ui except desktop client tool to secure remote access to the target machines.

Thank you

Hey @anisha.goyal0504, thanks for submitting the question. Could you tell us a bit more about your environment and how you envision your boundary environment being architected(controller, postgres database, workers), and what goals you’re trying to achieve?
Are you trying to conditionally allow end-users to access machines in a segmented network?

Hi @bouhmad,
It is air gapped environment. I am looking to expose the web UI for end user to access the target machine securely. I don’t want to install boundary cli or desktop client software on their machines so looking at ways to expose the web interface for them to login.

End users sits in different network.

I hope this helps


Unfortunately today we don’t support the ability to connect to targets via the web-ui, it’s use is primarily for administration of the boundary environment. Completely valid use-case though, and one that we’ve been thinking about. What machines would you want your users to be connecting to over the web-ui? Primarily SSH(similar to an AWS SSM workflow with an embedded terminal)?

Im also curious about the hesitation to install the boundary desktop client on your end-users machines. Do you mind speaking to the specific concern – I’m assuming this a highly-regulated environment?

Sorry for late reply, Due to security and compliance things, I am not looking to install any boundary cli binary or desktop client in their VMs instead I am looking to have some kind of web UI for them so that they can login to boundary client and can request remote session to the Linux and windows target. It looks like end user must have desktop client installed on their machines to secure remote access.

The machines they want to have access to Linux and Windows.