HashiTalks speaker enablement: "Powerful Technical Presentations Online" with Wesley Reisz

All HashiTalks CFP submitters are invited to join us on February 2 at 16:00 GMT for a speaker enablement session with Wesley Reisz. Not a CFP submitter, but interested in attending? Email hashitalks@hashicorp.com and we will forward you the invite.

Read on for more details about “Powerful Technical Presentations Online":

Have you ever watched a presentation and just felt like the speaker was born to present? Well, they weren’t… great presenters are made, not born. In this Hashiconf webinar on delivering effective presentations, we’ll pull back the covers and discuss several successful tips and techniques for not just giving a great presentation, but delivering one.

Delivering Powerful Technical Presentations features advice on:

  • How to capture your audience’s attention from the very start of your talk
  • Patterns and anti-patterns of giving technical talks
  • Common Gotchas in prepping your presentation
  • Our new reality, delivering virtual presentations, including lighting, Q&A, and your environment.

Why me? For the last several years, I’ve had the pleasure of organizing the content for the QCon Software conferences in places like San Francisco, London, New York, and online. The role has included speaking, coaching, and/or interviewing large numbers of QCon speakers (and, of course, watching more than a few talks). In addition, I continue to co-host The InfoQ Podcast (a technology-focused podcast where we talk to leaders in tech) that has reached over 1.5 million downloads in less than two years.

Before chairing QCon, I was an architect/Java developer giving technical presentations just like you. These tips are what I wish I knew when I did my first talk. While there are lots of tips and techniques here for newer speakers, I hope to share what we’ve seen work well and a few things that didn’t work so well for even the most seasoned presenters.


Wes Reisz

Platform Architect @VMware & Creator/Co-host of #TheInfoQPodcast, previous VP of Technology @Section

Wesley Reisz is Platform Architect at VMware and former VP of Technology at Section (an Edge Compute Platform). Wes also chairs the San Francisco edition of QCon.

Before VMware, Wes served as the product owner for all of the English-speaking QCon conferences worldwide, was a principal architect with HP Enterprise Systems, and, for over 13 years, taught as an adjunct professor for the University of Louisville (Go Cards!).