Nomad_pack support in Terraform

Are there plans to support nomad_pack via terraform? are is this already supported

Hi @tundeaoni, we do not have any concrete plans around this support. Could you explain how this functionality would work for you and how you would like to use it?

jrasell and the Nomad team

We currently use Terraform cloud in our organization and are adopting nomad_pack, thought process was to leverage to deploy changes. We can benefit from terraform’s neat plan/apply experience without having to script this in CI.

The functionality would basically allow you to specify the pack and all the required vars like:

resource "nomad_pack" "nginx" {
  name       = "nginx"

  registry = ""
  pack_name      = "nginx-ingress-controller"
  version = "0.0.1"

  set {
    name  = "env"
    value = "production"