Waypoint section in Nomad

I feel like Waypoint could very easily be a section of the Nomad interface. For system administrators who are installing/managing Waypoint on the server, having it integrated into the Nomad UI seems to make a lot of sense.


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Hey @SunSparc - thanks for the suggestion here, if I understand the idea here being Waypoint is a 1st class integration or feature of Nomad?

I’ll bring this up internally because I agree it’s an interesting idea, but would likely require significant engineering work across the product teams. That’s not to say it isn’t something we’ll explore, but it is unlikely an easy thing we could do alone in just a few weeks :smiley:

Please let us know if you have more thoughts or if perhaps I didn’t understand your suggestion. Thanks!

It is just an idea. Waypoint already has a web interface. If sysadmin/devops team is running Waypoint in a Nomad cluster, it could show up in a tab in the Nomad web interface. Perhaps similar to how Storage is a tab, but nothing shows in there unless you have CSI controllers and volumes setup. It may not make much sense as a feature for individual developers or small teams.