Suggestion Box for HashiCorp Live

Add your suggestions for what we stream on HashiCorp Live!

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    • Anytime someone is ok with learning on stream, definitely do those. Such as learning Nomad, Terraform, or other.
    • Any slightly bigger than simple deployment setup for example would be great. Get a project that is big enough that it requires a bit more than an hour to do, and have someone on stream go through that entire process form start to finish - ideally on a fresh machine to show ALL the steps.

Also would love to see chat on screen, alerts, and have full interactions and everything like other streamers do - except of course with the full context of HashiCorp HCL/Terraform/Nomad/Packer and related coding goodness!

Here’s a few short vids I did of setting up for streaming >

AND to help with the regular complexities of streaming on MacOS (all OS’s have their issues, but they’re all unique!) >